Contact Information

Haines Borough School District Box 1289 604 Haines Highway Haines, AK 99827 Phone/Fax: K-12 Phone: 907-766-6700 K-12 Fax: 907-766-6791

District Phone: 907-766-6725

The School is open between 8am and 4pm daily.

Emails: For a complete list see the directory.

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General Information

The Haines Borough School District consists of a K-12 and three divisions in a single building: Haines Elementary (K-5) Haines Middle/High School (6-12) We also operate the Haines Home School/Correspondence School. The District student enrollment has varies from year to year and tends to be between 250 and 300, currently stands at 268 as of May 31, 2024. All schools within the District have internet and e-mail access.

The District provides laptop computers to all its high school students, laptops are available for classroom use in grades three through eight, and mobile devices are available to kindergarten through third grade. The District currently has an 1Ghz Internet connection through GCI.

Our Mission

Our Mission: Utilizing the abundant resources of the Chilkat Valley and in collaboration with its communities, the Haines Borough School District empowers students to be contributing members of society and critical thinkers prepared for individual success.

Our Vision

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Our Vision:  The Haines Borough School District is dedicated to excellence in educating all students to achieve their full potential through actively:

*fostering a culture of inclusion that honors diversity and is founded on safety, respect, and responsibility;

*creating meaningful learning opportunities for intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth;

*maintaining a healthy and supportive school community where together we thrive by demonstrating adaptability, resilience, empathy, and resourcefulness; and

*providing a rigorous academic curriculum, fine arts instruction, career and technical education, and extracurricular activities.