March 18, 2022

Dear HBSD Families,

As we prepare for Spring Break, I wanted to thank you all for your cooperation, support, and understanding during the third quarter.  I am very proud of the way that we have worked together to resolve some very complex issues while keeping school safely open as we continue to move toward what I hope will be a much more “normal” end of the school year.

As a reminder, our school district has a board approved travel policy.  It is summarized below and explains the process for returning to school if you travel outside of our state or within Alaska in an identified “high risk” area.

Bottom line in regard to our upcoming break -

*  A test is not necessary for returning to school if you have had COVID during the past 90 days.

*  If you arrive back to Haines on March 22 or before - no test is necessary for return to school.  You sure can if you want to, but it is not part of our protocol for returning to school.

*  If you arrive on March 23 or after, please administer an antigen test on the mornings of March 28 and 30.

*  As long as your student has a negative test and is symptom free, they may return to school on March 28.

*  Tests do not need to be brought to school as attendance implies a negative result.

At-Home test kits are available in our school and district offices.  Feel free to take enough for your entire family if you wish to use it after travel or any time for that matter.  They are all free of charge.

We are completing the quarter on a high note and have done well in regard to ongoing changes in our mitigation protocols.  Have a great break and thank you for all you do for the benefit of our students and school.

Yours in Education,

Roy Getchell