Welcome to the Haines Homeschool!

The Haines Homeschool Program is open to K-12 families who reside in the Haines Borough School District and are looking for an alternative to the traditional school setting. The program also serves students under the age of 20 who are close to completing high school credits for graduation.

Considering Homeschool?

Consider Enrolling in the Haines Borough School District Homeschool Program

If you are a homeschooling family living in Haines, have you considered the local homeschooling program offered by the Haines Borough School District?

Our program is very similar to other programs in Alaska with some added perks:

•Our new allotment amounts are some of the highest in the state at $3,000 per student!!

•Ability to take classes onsite without drawing from your allotment

•Access to K-12 staff’s teaching expertise

•Use of ipads and laptops without a deduction from your allotment

•Allotments may be used for full internet reimbursement

•Local homeschool coordinator

Is there something your current program offers that the HBSD Correspondence School doesn’t? If so, please feel free to contact us since we are open to making changes in our program to fit the needs of our local families.

Find out more about our program by going to theHBSD Homeschooling webpageor reading through ourHandbook. If you would like to enroll, fill out and email me the enrollment form:Enroll Me!If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact me atlandriesen@hbsd.net.

Enrolling in our program supports our school and activity programs, as well the strong community feeling that we have as Glacier Bears.

Thank you,

Lisa Andriesen

Haines Borough School District Homeschool Coordinator

Our Philosophy

The Haines Borough School District philosophy towards homeschooling is based on respect and understanding. We understand that students learn in many different ways and families want to offer the best learning experience for their children. Parents have many different reasons for homeschooling. Read our “Why Parents Choose Homeschooling” link in the menu bar for some of these reasons. Our homeschool coordinator works with parents to create an Independent Learning Plan that meets the needs of each student.

Why Homeschool with the Haines Borough School District?

•Local homeschool coordinator.

•Enroll in onsite classes. Many of our homeschooling students take advantage of our art and music program. Some attend core and elective middle and high school classes.

•Invitations to be involved in classroom activities and field trips.

•Easy access to a collection of homeschool materials located at the school.

•We offer an expert for every grade level and subject. Our whole school community is committed to supporting homeschooling families.

•Free use of technology. Full-time homeschool students in grades K-2 receive an iPad and students in grades 3-12 a laptop without having to use their allocation.

•Supports your local school district.

How to Enroll!


To enroll a student in the Haines Homeschool Program, the parent or guardian completes an Individual Learning Plan. Each Homeschool student receives a yearly allotment from the Haines School District to purchase educational materials, lessons, or correspondence courses from approved distance education providers. Students who enroll before the end of the first quarter will receive a full allotment. After the first quarter, students receive one half the full allotment.

Students may attend two classes at the Haines School with no deduction from the allotment. Haines Homeschool students are welcome to participate in some Haines School functions such as assemblies, dances, eighth grade promotion, and high school graduation.

Students need to be residents of Haines and living in the borough to enroll; the HBSD Homeschool Program is not a state-wide correspondence school.  

For more information click on the Homeschool Program Handbook below.

The yearly allotments are $3,000 per student.

Lisa Andriesen is the Haines Homeschool coordinator and is available for your questions at 766-6713 or by email at landriesen@hbsd.net.

Why Choose Homeschooling?

Hear from some of our current homeschooling families on why they prefer to homeschool

The family dynamics are much healthier when we are homeschooling.

•When the kids go to regular school all day, most of the time we spend together as a family is in the evening when all of us are tired and worn out.   Much of our parenting time is spent doing logistics, herding, and being a taskmaster.

•When we are homeschooling, we have lots of family time when we are fresh instead of tired. We spend a higher proportion of our time teaching.  I find I am forced to develop a higher degree of patience and I have to be a better listener.  I spend much more time giving my kids my undivided attention.   Our kids view us differently…more as a source of knowledge and skills and less as a taskmaster. They learn to listen better as well, and to value our opinion more.  Our family functions in a more peaceful, respectful, and fulfilling manner.

Homeschooling is a very different educational experience.  It is not just schooling in a different building.

•Personally, I think there are some good aspects to both “regular” school and homeschool.  In school they learn to stick to a schedule and relate to different kids and teachers.  They learn some skills, which are very useful in the working world and not very reproducible in a homeschooling environment.  Also, the schoolteachers are professional and knowledgeable and can teach some subjects much better than me, as well as having lots of training in teaching kids with different learning styles.

•In our version of homeschool the kids have more freedom, less tests, and less deadlines.

•They learn to like learning better, learn to teach themselves, and learn to take advantage of all sorts of different learning opportunities.  I believe that homeschooling helps them to become life-long learners.  Learning doesn’t just happen during school hours.

•We can tailor our kids’ education to suit them.  For example, if they love cooking, we can learn through cooking... measurements, chemistry, fractions and so on.  We can also chose subjects that might not be offered at school or at their age, like building electrical circuits in Kindergarten.  They do not have to try to keep up with others and if they are ahead in subjects they can advance and not have to wait until others have caught up.

•The school environment can be loud and there can be distractions.  If your child is sensitive to these things, homeschooling means you can work in the quiet and comfort of your home.

•Sometimes the sun is shining and it's just a beautiful day.  We can take our books to the beach or on a hike (or leave them at home!).  There is always an opportunity to learn new things.  You do not have to stick to a set curriculum and it teaches them to think outside the box.

•Some subjects are best taught one on one. Math is one of these.  Math is very linear.  It is very important to really master each step before moving on to the next step.  It is very difficult to do this in a large classroom.  If the pace is too slow some kids get bored.  If it is too fast, those kids never grasp and master the concepts and will always have difficulty with math and will end up hating it.  Because I am working one on one with each of my kids, I can design the lessons to be at their own pace.

On-Site Classes

•Students who homeschool through the Haines Borough School District can take classes not offered in the school, such as AP classes or more advanced classes or classes in topics that they are especially interested in.


•Homeschooling still offers many positive social interactions.  There are many school activities that the children can still take part in.